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I’m alive and safe!

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post on here since I’ve been in Costa Rica. The two weeks spent traveling with Angie were absolutely amazing but Internet was scarce. I am accessing WordPress via my iPhone so I can’t post any pictures or more details as of now. Thisjust just to let everyone know that I am safe and loving every minute of being here! I start school on Monday so hopefully I will have better access to Internet. Hope everyone is doing well and missing everyone back at home!




working with light



Rincon Reservation







Richard Avedon

I think Richard Avedons work is truly intriguing. His portraits seem to capture true emotion of the objects. Because most of his images are very personal and for many photographers this can propose a problem. Richard must have a certain appeal to him that as the subject is irresistible and comfortable. Another aspect of his photographs that inspires me is the use of black and white photographs. I typically like to try my photographs out in black and white and usually find a certain deeper quality that seems to suit my liking.

Shadi Ghardirian

Shadi is a photographer that claims to have acquired her profession as a photographer as “quite by accident”. She lives and works in Iran and combines both modern and traditional Iranian insights for her photographs. Most of her work is created to express her identity as a female Muslim living and working in Iran.

One series of hers that is particularly intriguing to myself is that of figures wearing the Iranian head covering. Instead of having the eyes show, the face is replaced with various household objects such as a cleaning rubber glove, an iron, a kitchen knife, a broom, and other controversial items.

In a very strict culture Shadi takes some chances which may be part of the reason for her worldwide fame and respect.

Naveen Molloy on two wheels

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz truly inspired me. One quote that I really liked was when she said growing up in a car was like “seeing the world through a ready made picture frame”. This amazed me because that is what being a photographer is about. Seeing the world in an artistic way and being able to point out the most perfect angle and distance to make even nature more beautiful, is what a GOOD photographer is. Most of her pictures were absolutely awe-inspiring! Everything from her photos from ‘The Rolling Stone’ magazine, to her fashion photos for Vogue, triggered a different emotion that inspired me to portray some similar emotions in art, particularly photography. Her photo’s from the ‘hippie days’ really exhibit the feelings and passions of the people of the day, which created a connection to my late father because I know he was big in the music world back then. Art is a way to create emotions that otherwise could not be achieved.

The dramatic series of various fairy tails for Vogue reminded me of my sister and her great appreciation and admiration for Annie Leibovitz. She is a photographer herself, and has shown me work from Annie, that she has used and inspirations for shoots herself. The drama portrayed in these photos is overwhelming, and is enough to make you look twice and soak in the nature of the photo.

The photos that really triggered emotions were the family portraits she took. Unfortunately I have lost my parents, and family to me is a much deeper emotion than felt by most. These images truly expose what a family is and the emotions and feelings one has towards one another. It is so important to keep memories alive and portraits are a great way to do so.